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Insulated Concrete Forms are Becoming the New Gold Standard

What are Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)?

ICF is a method of construction utilizing components manufactured from expanded polystyrene.

Elviano are ICF contractors in Toronto who specialize in a range of designs including flat systems grid systems or post and beam configuration. The pattern will determine how the concrete forms will be interlocked and stacked. Not only is this the most effective process in terms of placement, but it also ensures proper alignment throughout the build.

These units are interlocked then stacked into their permanently determined positions and reinforced with engineered steel. A webbing is built in between the insulation panels to support steel dowels. This controlled environment maintains temperatures for curing and strengthens the poured concrete mix. Once the concrete is poured, the interiors can be finished with drywall. Siiding, brick or natural stone facades can be attached utilizing fastener strips that are embedded horizontally into the polystyrene every 8 inches. The concrete is protected between the expanded polystyrene insulation and delivers R-Value of 23. This R-Value can be increased if desired.

These units are interlocked, then stacked into the desired position, and reinforced by steel. A webbing is placed between the insulation panels to hold steel bars, strengthening the poured concrete mix. Once the concrete is poured, finished like drywall and siding are attached to fastener strips and embedded into the insulation. The concrete and expanded polystyrene with the concrete mass is sandwiched between two layers of foam insulation.

Foundation walls

Floor systems

Main floor walls

Swimming pools

Why Insulated Concrete Forms?

This innovative technology is faster and less expensive compared to the traditional methods.

This technique can is utilized for residential, commercial, medical, education, and multistorey builds. The reliable insulation, airtight envelope, and the concrete’s thermal mass allow for an energy-efficient structure in both warm and cold climates.

The steel-reinforced concrete cores in ICF foundations are resistant to fires, hurricanes, and tornados; moreover, they can withstand all seismic conditions. The structure of ICF foundations also means that homes and buildings are quiet, draft-free, and are insusceptible to mould.

Structural detail


Thermal energy performance

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ICF Benefits

The perks of an ICF construction include combining six components into a single building system installed by a single crew.

Incredibly Strong

ICF builds provide solid & long-lasting structures. Each block consists of two layers of closed cell expanded polystyrene braced & held apart by high-density webbing. Tornados, blizzards, fires, ICF properties are durable enough to withstand them all.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike traditional builds, ICF constructs emit less gasses than those used in traditional building materials. Additionally, the webbing and foam used in ICF foundations are made from 100% recycled materials.

Mold Resistance, Moisture Repellent & Pest Resistance

Wood & drywall must be treated with pesticides, & other harsh chemicals to be resistant to mold, unlike ICF.  ICF materials are proven to be naturally mold resistant.

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